What we are proud of: Bringing educational resources to engage
students to be more proactive in having a healthier life
style. Resources on anti-smoking and anti-Drugs are
provided by organizations such as: American Cancer
Society, Center for Disease Control, Partnership for a
Drug Free America and more literature from S.T.A.K.E.
ACT program.

We are involved in many types of events: Anti-Bullying,  Anti-Drug, Anti-Smoking and Anti-Drinking and Driving

We also pride ourselves in working with other organizations that help students such as: S.A.D.D., California Hwy. Patrol, M.A.D.D., Los Angeles Police Dept., American Cancer Soc., Educare, Kdysinc., HealthCorps, Friday Night Live, Club Live, Boys & Girls Club, American Lung Assoc., Partnership for a Drug Free America, S.T.A.K.E. ACT, Beyond the Bell, A.R.C. and IMPACT